It’s a bit cold at the same time sunny. I felt like wearing something feminine today and here you go…


Today we’ll be going to Flagstaff to buy some stuff or supplies. I wore my bright colored sweaters because it’s cold and top it up with a blazer. I like the weather! I feel cold so I wore so many clothes on top to make me feel warm but still I managed to still dressed […]


I welcome all of you to Best Western Premier Grand Canyon Squire Inn which is located in Grand Canyon, Arizona. I will be spending my productive three months here and I am excited on what awaits me here! Though a bit sunny, i’m not use in this weather. It’s not like i’ve never been in […]


First day in Arizona and welcomes us with cool breeze that we’re freezing unexpectedly. We didn’t expect that it’s cold in Flagstaff the time we set our foot out of the train. Of course, when you’ve never been in a place you’ll based it on your research through internet or word-of-mouth. So we’re expecting hot […]


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